First to Arrive!

Hello avid readers!

I’m Robin Kendall, a rising fourth year student, and the first JPC Composting team member to arrive in Bluefields. I’m here before the rest of the team to study the impact of microfinance on women and their families in the Southern Atlantic Autonomous Region (RAAS) of Nicaragua.

I arrived exhausted after leaving home at 2:30am and flying from Washington DC to Bluefields in one day (with various layovers and plane switches along the way).  But, I am now happily recovered from my journey and ready to get started!!

Bluefields has changed a lot since I first visited in January 2008, and even since my last visit in Summer 2009.  There are new stores, restaurants, and pulperías throughout the main streets.  Namely, the city’s first grocery store has arrived with exciting foods to look at and try.  I’m sure there are many more changes within Bluefields besides the physical changes, but those will take longer to discover.

Last night, our friend and graduate mentor Emma Mitchell and I met with a Boy Scout friend of ours in Bluefields.  We discussed the possibility of our JPC team partnering with the scouts to conduct  our household composting project.  He was extremely kind and has arranged for the scout council of Bluefields to discuss the proposal at their next meeting.

There will definitely be more updates to come as we get closer to July 24th!

I’ll keep you posted. Best,


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