Scout Council Meeting

Hello again,

It’s still Robin, the rest of the team will be arriving in Bluefields in two days! I wanted to update the blog on our recent composting news and plans for the next three weeks, before the project really begins in full. Emma and I have been busy trying to put together a schedule of what the group will be doing each day.

On Thursday evening I meet with the Scout Council of Bluefields to discuss our project and our potential partnership with the Scouts. With a short powerpoint presentation I presented the two main goals of our JPC project:

1. To find the best composting “recipe” and method to compost in Bluefields and,

2. To implement a door-to-door household education campaign to promote composting in homes.

The scouts were definitely interested in working with us and are going to be important partners as we try to achieve these goals. I am attaching the powerpoint presentation I gave to give you a better idea of what our project looks like and our potential timeline.

When the whole team arrives we will all meet with the Scout Council before we begin our work so everyone gets to know each other.

Adios from Bluefields, Robin

Scouts Meeting

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