From The Tia Irene, Pointeen Bluefields

Sup guys?! It´s Auesta here, posting my first update.

Bluefields is beautiful. It’s lush and green and raining and raining. The sidewalks are made of tiles and on every street, every corner you turn music is playing. Life is loud and lively. We had dinner at Luna’s Ranch last night with new friends and let me tell you, eating is taken very seriously. So far dinners have been anywhere between a two to three hour affair. Going out to dinner tonight (and maybe the next few nights) is unlikely because the taxis are not running. The price of gas has risen so much that it’s just not profitable to drive tourists or locals around. No one we’ve talked to so far has a clear idea of when the strike will end and when driving will start up again. This might, obviously, pose some problems for our project.

We are still waiting for one more team member to arrive, but we’ve gone ahead and met with the head of the environmental office to find out what local composting projects are already going on in Bluefields and what progress has been made to lay out the groundwork for our own project.  Tomorrow we’re going to Coprash, a drug rehab site which produces its own compost and in the evening we’re going to meet with the Scout Council to discuss our partnership and how we can work together to accomplish composting education in different Bluefields barrios. There is plenty to plan and flesh out. This week we hope to accomplish a lot, such as visit the dump (hopefully it’ll stop raining long enough), the local university farm, a local NGO Funcos, and continue interviewing and having meetings.

We’ll hopefully update the blog every couple of days, for now off to devour a plate of beefsteak encebollado (beef drowned in onion, delicious)!

our view from the restaurant hotel

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