Making compost, ponga ride to El Bluff, BICU farm visit….oh my!

Hello again!

Yes, as you can tell by the title we are still very busy. I am going to try and give a thorough but brief update on all that we have been doing in the last few days.

Friday was amazing! We made compost at the FUNCOS farm! The entire team of 5 went and helped the farm manager make a 1×3 m compost pile. It was a really interesting process in which all of the organic materials get layered and then sit for a week before being turned like a fan (we are planning on going back to turn our pile at the end of the week). The farm manager was so kind and friendly, and we got all of our questions answered. This was a really hot and productive day!

On Saturday we met with our Scout friends and took a ponga (a small fiberglass shelled boat with a motor) to El Bluff. El Bluff is the intersection between the Bluefields Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.  We played cards with the scouts and swam in the Atlantic. The water was too salty for words, but we enjoyed ourselves entirely and came home happy but exhausted.

On Sunday the JPC Biogas team arrived! It’s fun to get to share and explore Bluefields with another group of students. We have been telling them a lot about our projects and hoping they will help us out for the house-to-house education campaign on Wednesday.  We spent most of the day at the mural painting with the youths. The mural is really coming along; I will try to add pictures to this post so you can see. The power went out around 8pm so we spent a sleepless night dripping in sweat.

Monday was another busy day. The power didn’t come back on until 3pm, so we had the morning and midday without electricity. Let’s just say, we all appreciate running water and electricity a lot more than we used to.  Our t-shirts for the education campaign came in, and it took awhile to get 300 t-shirts into bags and to our hotel. The t-shirts look great with our message on the front and partner logos on the back. These shirts will be another great way to get the word out about composting and picking up trash.

In the afternoon we went to Radio La Costenisima to produce a minute long announcement about composting and the environment in Bluefields. We have the announcement on our computer, so instead of telling you about how awesome it is and sounds, you can just listen to it from your computers.

Tuesday we took another ponga ride to Tiktik-kaanu in Cerro Silva to visit the BICU farm. We saw all of the different projects going on at the farm including composting, biogas, reforestation, a nursery, animals, and fruit tree farming (we tried fresh pineapple and picked Chinese plums). We spent the afternoon and evening preparing for our big casa-por-casa education campaign in the morning.  We made 400 flyers to give out to people in the Barrio of Santa Rosa.

Well, these are all of our updates for now. We will keep you posted on the house-to-house education campaign.  We’ve all got our new t-shirts laid out, so we’ll be ready to go bright and early tomorrow morning!

Best, Robin and the Composting Team

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