Santa Rosa Campaign Day

Early Wednesday morning.  Our alarms go off at 5:30am, and we roll out of bed feeling excited and a little anxious about our door-to-door campaign.  We all put on our matching t-shirts (which look awesome!), eat some coconut bread for breakfast, load up a taxi with all of the shirts, waters, and flyers for the students, and drive to the Cancha de Santa Rosa.  We are there by around 6:30 and start setting up the shirts.  Smalls will go here, then mediums, then larges, and then x-larges at the end.  We are all ready to go.  I’m surprised to see some students starting to trickle in even before 7.  Unfortunately, dark clouds have been gathering in the distance and it begins to drizzle steadily.  I hope that it will finish soon, but at the moment it isn’t pouring so it’s not that bad.  At least it’s not boiling hot! 

More students start arriving in groups and chat away with their friends.  Our scout friends come too, and we joke with them a bit.  After around 40 or 50 students have arrived, we start to hand out the t-shirts.  It’s a little hectic because of the rain.  Students crowded under umbrellas come over to us and tell us their size; then we give them their shirts and help the next group.  I’m so glad we decided to keep all of the shirts folded in their plastic bags because that’s what is keeping them dry.  Although white isn’t the best color to be wearing on a rainy day, I feel really cool matching with all of the students, numbering about 100 to 125 now.  We’re all part of this campaign together!

Despite the rain, the students are all smiling and their energy is contagious.  So far everything is going really well.  We continue to wait out the rain, but after it shows no signs of letting up, we all meet with the teachers from each school to set a rain plan.  Together we decide to go ahead and get started, with each school being a separate group and going to a specific area in Santa Rosa.

I join one school and the head teacher is very efficient about organizing her students.  She splits the students up into pairs and tells them how far they should go door-to-door.  After that the students take charge.  I am so impressed with their initiative and professionalism.  The two girls I walk door-to-door with are very courteous and confident as they talk to the residents.  They said our message better than I could have in English!  What is also really exciting is that the residents are all interested and curious about what the students are saying.  In all, the door-to-door part takes about half an hour since we had so many students involved.  Even though it rained the whole time, we all are thrilled with how many students and teachers helped out and how receptive the residents were.  Santa Rosa Day was a huge success!

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