The Final Days

On Thursday afternoon, we headed over to the Park again to help work with the kids on the mural. We’re so impressed with how dedicated and skilled the students are! The mural looks fantastic! We wrote up the five steps to make household composting beside the mural. There was a minor mix-up in which we accidently spelled a word wrong, but our friend simply laughed at us and we fixed it the next day.

Friday morning we presented our project to our friends and partners at BICU University. Although at first we couldn’t figure out how to get the powerpoint to display, one of our friends came to the rescue and fixed it. From there, our presentation went smoothly. After that, we went with the Scouts to deliver Thank you notes to all of the secondary schools. We wanted to tell the Directors and teachers of the schools how well our Santa Rosa campaign went because of the enthusiasm and initiative of the students and teachers. We are so grateful for their support!

Friday afternoon we took a taxi over to FUNCOS again. It had been a week since we built the compost pile, and so now it was time to turn it. We met with our friend there and drew back the tarp protecting the compost from the rain. It looked good! The grasses were already brown and soft. We used shovels to break up the pile and turn it over bit by bit. I was surprised by how warm the soil was. Our friend told us that the warmth is a good sign for a healthy compost pile, so we’re on the right track! By the end we were tired and sweaty, but proud of our compost pile. We now have a new appreciation for all of the hard work our friend puts into his work around the FUNCOS farm.

It’s hard to believe that these three weeks have gone by so quickly! We all are really proud of what we have accomplished and are so thankful for all of the wonderful people we have worked with to help us with our project. Everyone has been so generous with their time in helping us and giving us ideas and suggestions. We could not have done this project without all of our partners!

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