About Us

JPC Composting research Team: July 25th-August 16th, 2010 ~ Bluefields, Nicaragua

The main focus of our project is to advocate and research effective and sustainable composting techniques in Bluefields, Nicaragua.

Our JPC team is composed of five University of Virginia students, Ania Turnier (Col’ 13), Auesta Safi (SEAS’ 12), Ben Robbins (Comm’12), Robin Kendall (Comm’11), and Rowan Sprague (SEAS’13). Although we come from very diverse academic backgrounds, we all share the common interest to learn from and advocate sustainable composting methods within Bluefields. The diversity within our group and our different fields of study (Commerce, Engineering, and Global Development Studies) will allow us to learn from each other and use our different skills to work together with our partners both domestically and internationally.

The JPC grant, also referred to as the Jefferson Public Citizen grant (http://www.virginia.edu/jpc/), has allowed us to design and implement a service-based research trip in Bluefields. Our main objective is to promote the benefits of composting through an education campaign with collaboration from students and professors from Bluefields Indian and Caribbean University, CEDEHCA-JEHN, the Scouts organizations, and the Dirección de Medio Ambiente.

This blog consists of our daily progress, our adventures and learning, and our ongoing experiences and friendships. As we travel to Bluefileds, Nicaragua for the summer, we invite you to join the adventure.

Welcome, and thank you for your interest in the 2010 JPC Composting team!